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Mikrós popcorn: Így készítsd el

Micro popcorn: How to make it

Micro popcorn: How to make it

Microwave popcorn is often thought to be unhealthy. But where does its dubious reputation come from, and how well-founded is the claim?

Mikrós popcorn - unhealthy?

Concerns about micro popcorn initially stemmed from the discovery that the bag of the product is coated with perfluorinated chemicals during production to prevent grease from seeping through, and that one of the chemicals, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), may be carcinogenic . Because of the risks, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) got manufacturers to remove PFOA from the bag in 2011, and in 2017 the EU stepped in and limited its use. So far this would have been fine, but in the meantime it emerged that the substances used to replace them could be just as harmful , only less is known about them.

The situation is similar with the substance called diacetyl used in butter flavoring, which can rarely but cause serious lung damage. Its health-damaging effect was first seen in the workers of popcorn factories, and then it was proven that it affects consumers in the same way . A 2007 study also found that 80 percent of the chemical is released after the bag is opened. Since then, diacetyl has been removed from most products, but the compound used to replace it is once again attributed with a harmful effect on health .

Mikrós popocrn - But not all of them are unhealthy!

GrainPOP started operations in 2021 and offers natural microwave-ready popcorn without additives or palm oil .

The bag and the packaging are also environmentally friendly, because they are made of quickly degradable materials!

Make it like this

GrainPOP is available in plain or assorted flavors: 3 savory flavors: thyme / barbecue / cheese and 3 sweet flavors: vanilla, caramel and cocoa / hazelnut.
You don't have to do anything else, just put it in the microwave, pop it out in 2 minutes, then open it and sprinkle it with the spice, shake it up and you're done.