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Opopop Pop Cups Discovery Kit

13.495 Ft
by Opopop

Our Pop Cups Discovery set is made for great snacking. All you have to do is open a popcorn cup and sprinkle the spice into the bowl with the corn. Cover the bowl, put it in the microwave and enjoy the special popcorn snack!

Package contents:

  • a microwave popcorn bowl and lid, and
  • 12 popcorn cups (3 of each flavor)
    Each pop glass fills half of the bowl
  • Makes a total of 60 servings of popcorn

All flavors are gluten-free + non-GMO! They do not contain artificial coloring. Pop cups can be recycled

SALT CARAMEL: A bunch of caramel-flavored crisps.
SUPER BUTTER: A super strong, buttery blast.
MAUI HEAT: Hot like fire, sweet like pineapple.
Lightly salted: It may be plain, lightly salted popcorn, but it's the best!


Lightly salt seasoning: popcorn, palm oil, salt
Maui Heat popcorn spice: popcorn, palm oil, cayenne pepper, paprika
Super Butter: Popcorn, palm oil, butter
Salty Caramel popcorn seasoning: Popcorn, palm oil, salt, rice syrup, natural flavorings


Butter popcorn spice mix contains lactose.

Nutritional value