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Star Wars - Death Star Popcorn Maker

54.495 Ft

Some people like it fresh. Pop your popcorn in style with this Star Wars Death Star Hot Air Popcorn Maker. It pops the corn with air, so you don't need butter or oil, so it's easier to keep it clean.

Put 10-20 dkg of popping corn in the tart (any corn from our webshop is good) and after a few minutes you can eat the fresh corn. Season the fresh grains to your liking with one of our popcorn spices.

It totally looks like the Death Star.
The lid can be removed, so the top of the Death Star is also the bowl in which you can pop the eyes.

The product is made in the USA, and the customer must also purchase a socket conversion adapter for the product. It is the customer's task and responsibility to select the appropriate data sheet. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of an unsuitable adapter. It can therefore be used at home and is also safe.

Size: 22.8x28.9x22.8 cm
Place of origin: USA



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