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Custom Packages

Snack Packs

You are sure to find your favorite flavor among the Popcorn Snack Pack packages, from sweet to salty, from spicy to special flavor combinations, you will find everything here.

Choose as you like.


HUF 10,495

Snack Pack 2+1 package

HUF 1,145

Snack Pack 5+2 packages

HUF 2,995

Snack Pack 10+3 packages

HUF 5,045

Gourmet Popcorn Shed

You are sure to find your favorite flavor among the Gourmet Popcorn Shed packages. Real popcorn specialties for gourmets.

Choose as you like.

Popit packages

Its unique taste instantly captivates everyone, including us. Even the most critical popcorn fans will love these products.

Choose as you like.

Popit 2+1 package

HUF 2,335

Popit 4+2 package

HUF 4,269

Twinpop packages

Black pepper truffle, salted butter caramel, lemon thyme, caramel chocolate, rose pepper, Guérande salty... everyone will find their favorite flavor!

Choose as you like.

Twinpop 2+1 package

HUF 1,045

Twinpop 3+2 package

HUF 1,745

Microwave popcorn packets

Pop your favorite microwave popcorn! BBQ, caramel, thyme, goat cheese, vanilla, natural flavor microwave popcorn without added oil!

Pop it out, sprinkle it with the spices in the box, shake it up and you're ready to eat.

Microwave popcorn 2+1 package

HUF 5,195

Microwave popcorn 5+2 packs

HUF 7,145

Sweet Mikrós Popcorn Package

HUF 5,195

Packet of salty microwave popcorn

HUF 5,195

Tabasco Popcorn packets

JIMMY'S TABASCO® Spicy Popcorn is a healthy choice for those looking for the best taste and quality.

Choose among the flavors in a discounted package

Tabasco Popcorn Package 2+1

HUF 1,595

Tabasco Popcorn Package 4+2

HUF 2,980

DIY Popcorn Packets

Some people just like fresh, warm popcorn. Is sweet or salty popcorn your favorite? You will definitely find your favorite here.

Choose popcorn and spices at a discounted package price.