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Blue Cheese Popcorn Shed

1.645 Ft

Ripe blue cheese popcorn.

Blue cheese popcorn with a strong, creamy taste. A must-try for cheese lovers. Our blue cheese shed, "AKA MOON SHED" Our astronauts left the Shed station, traveled through outer space and found... The most delicious, cheesiest cheese, out of this world blue cheese and brought it home! A perfect balance between creamy and rich taste. This is what makes our blue cheese popcorn really special.

Vegan, gluten free
Package: 60 grams
Place of origin: England
Manufacturer: Popcorn Shed


Popcorn, rapeseed oil, cheese powder (contains lactose) (27%), salt.


Contains lactose

Nutritional value

Nutritional value per 100 grams of product
Energy: 612kcal/2530KJ
Fat: 48.2g
of which saturated fatty acids: 10.5g
Carbohydrate: 31.0g
of which sugar: 0.3g
Protein: 14.8g
Salt: 2.0g