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Pink Gourmet Popcorn Selection

6.995 Ft

Pink Gourmet Popcorn Package: 4 x 80 g pods

Every day is a little better with pink popcorn! Many good things in life are pink. So all we had to do was create a perfectly pink stack of popcorn to make life even more delicious! The flavors of the gift pack are sweet and tantalizing, perfect for true popcorn lovers, snack fanatics and those with a sweet tooth.

Contains the following flavors :
Berry-licious popcor n: A magical blend of fruity tart raspberry and indulgent smooth, rich dark chocolate. Share the love!
Pink Gin Popcor n: Crunchy, air-popped corn, coated with caramel infused with pink gin, with fruity raspberry and lime undertones. Gin and tonic popcorn with a tasty pop!
Strawberries & Cream popcorn : Caramel popcorn with freeze-dried strawberries and real double cream. This iconic British duo is as cool as it is timeless.
Toasted Marshmallow Popcorn: Deliciously sweet marshmallow-flavored caramel popcorn with melted marshmallow pieces. A tasty, gooey adventure for the taste buds.

Package weight: 320 grams
Place of origin: England
Manufacturer: Popcorn Shed



Nutritional value