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Packet of salty microwave popcorn

3.495 Ft Regular price 5.495 Ft

There's nothing better than hot, fresh popcorn. A family movie at home, a party, a children's party, or just a few dropped by..... Make everyone's favorite flavor. Pop the corn in the microwave, open it, sprinkle it with the spices in the box, shake it up and you're ready to eat.
Package contents: Thyme, BBQ, Goat cheese microwave popcorn box, each containing 2 70g and 1 30g package.

GrainPOP launched in 2021 for activity and offers natural, ready-to-pop corn in the microwave without additives or palm oil .
GrainPOP is available in plain or assorted flavors: 3 savory flavors: thyme / barbecue / cheese and 3 sweet flavors: vanilla, caramel and cocoa / hazelnut.
Catering to everyone and every taste. Which will be your favorite?

Quantity: 510g
Place of origin: France
Brand: GrainPop


BBQ microwave popcorn: sugar, aromatic plants and spices (onion, pepper, garlic, paprika, nutmeg), salt, natural flavors and the natural aroma of onion, tomato, grape sugar.
Thyme microwave popcorn: sumac, natural aroma, sesame, corn flour, salt, thyme 5%.
Micro popcorn with goat cheese: sumac, natural aroma, sesame, corn flour, salt, thyme 5%.


Contains lactose.

Nutritional value