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DIY – Készítsd el saját ízesítésű pattogatott kukoricádat!

DIY - Make your own flavored popcorn!

DIY - Make your own flavored popcorn!

We know that sometimes there is nothing better than making freshly popped corn at home. But how do you make your popcorn so that the kernels open nicely and it tastes more special than just sweet or salty?

DIY - Do It Yourself - do it yourself! Here is our most amazing popcorn package, pop the kernels and sprinkle the toppings on top, which you will find in the box.

Our popcorn toppings

Since we're obsessed with popcorn (you can imagine how much 😁), we've gone out of our way to source the best popcorn toppings. If you ask us, our selection of sweet popcorn toppings are absolutely delicious and will allow you to make the best popcorn ever at home.

The set includes the following five sweet popcorn toppings:

  1. Milk chocolate pieces
  2. Dark chocolate pieces
  3. Mini Caramel Cubes
  4. Mini variegated chocolate beans
  5. Chocolate coated honeycomb pieces

How do you make it?

Popcorn set allows you to be creative and make any popcorn you want. Whether you use one topping or all 5, it will suit your taste! Simply put a few seeds in a pan and season lightly with sugar or salt (or both) to your liking. Then choose your topping(s) and place on top of the fresh popcorn while it's still hot.

If you want a delicious chocolate drop, simply melt the chocolate pieces. Then, use a spoon to drizzle the melted chocolate over the popcorn before adding other toppings. That way they stick to the popcorn much better!

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